Grown Up Grilled Cheese

You may have noticed recently I added a “Recipes” tab to the blog.  If you haven’t, go ahead, take a look.  I’ll wait.  Ok, did you see it?  Pretty cool, huh?  Well, it may not seem that exciting to you, but it’s pretty exciting to me because I figured out how to link the recipes all on my own!  And they’re categorized for easier locating when you’re having a recipe emergency.

So, it’s lent now, and I know a lot of you out there are going to be having some meat-free meals in the next several weeks.  Some of you do this all the time anyway, and some of you participate in Meat Free Mondays.  Well, I’ve got a few meatless recipes my sleeve, so keep an eye out for these over the next few weeks.

What I’m sharing with you today is what I like to think of as “Grown up grilled cheese.”  Who doesn’t love grilled cheese?  It’s pretty classic – toasty, crispy bread on the outside with warm, melty cheese on the inside.  Just look at that cheese oozing out of the sandwich in the picture!  I love the texture of grilled cheese probably as much as I love the taste.  I’m pretty sure I’ve made more varieties of grilled cheese than I can count.  I am notorious for including little add-ins – different meats, veggies, sauces, etc.  And then there are the cheeses.  Oh, the cheeses.  I never make grilled cheese with just one type of cheese.  I also love to use a really grainy bread to add to the crispy texture, and it also makes the grilled cheese a little more hearty and just a tad bit better for you than using white bread.

Ok, focus.  See how I get with grilled cheese?  Like I said, today’s grilled cheese recipe is meat free.  Remember the avocado smash we made with the salsa stoup?  (insert giddy giggle here)  Well, here’s another great way to use it!  I feel like I should be tapping my finger tips together with an evil sneer on my face.  Alternately, you could use any guacamole you like, homemade or store bought.  For the cheese, I went with a sharp white cheddar along with a white cheddar and green onion variety that we can get around here.  It. is. so. good.  If you can’t get that or something like it, pepper jack would be great too, because it would go really nicely with the avocado smash.  And if you don’t like the spiciness of pepper jack, regular old monterey jack would be fine.  So aside from that, it’s just your typical grilled cheese method.  I’m not giving amounts in the recipe, because come on, if you can’t figure it out, then…  Well, I don’t know what to tell you.

Guacamole Grilled Cheese


Multi-grain bread

Butter or margarine

Sharp white cheddar cheese

Green onion cheddar cheese (or pepper jack, or monterey jack)

Avocado smash or guacamole (homemade or store bought)


Butter one side of each piece of bread.  Heat nonstick skillet over medium-low heat.  I like to cook my grilled cheese at pretty low heat to give the cheese time to melt before the bread gets overdone.  Lay bread in skillet, butter side down.  Add one of the varieties of cheese, spread on about 1-2 tablespoons of guacamole.  Caution: I know you love guacamole, but if you get too much, it will all just squish out.  Cover with the other variety of cheese, and top with second piece of bread, butter side up.  Cook for about five minutes, or until bread is nicely browned.  Flip and brown other piece of bread.  Let stand for a minute to allow cheese to cool and then cut in half.

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