What’s in a Name?

I’m really excited about my blog right now. First of all, it’s Spring, which means more light, which means better pictures! I work full time, so most of the time when I cook throughout the winter, it’s dark and the pictures look terrible. Also, there are (hopefully) some (positive – don’t worry) changes in store for The Cocina Monologues. One thing I’ve been toying around with is the idea of changing the name for the blog. It’s cute and cheeky, but there are two main problems. First, some people don’t know what “cocina” means (it’s “kitchen” in Spanish). Second, when people ask for my blog address and I tell them, they almost always get a confused look on their face and say, “what?” and I end up having to write it down for them. The problem with the renaming idea is, so far I’ve not come up with a suitable replacement.

That’s where you come in. I’m asking for you to channel your creative juices and give me suggestions for a new blog name. You know what I’m all about here – usually my recipes are of the healthy, quick, and easy variety. Occasionally I splurge on calories or time, but that’s a rarity. I want everyone to know that cooking doesn’t have to be intimidating and anyone can cook a beautiful and delicious meal. No matter what your skill level is, how fancy your kitchen is, or how much time you have, cooking is not only a way to provide a great meal for your family, but a way to bring people together, and fun as well!

So, in the comments section, please list what suggestions you have for a new blog name. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Red White and Blue Cupcakes

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