Lactation Oatmeal

If you’ve done any research on foods that boost lactation, you’ve probably read that oatmeal is often recommended.  For this reason, I have oatmeal every day for breakfast!  I have a few things I add to it to make it extra “milky,” and I have quite the little system for preparing the oatmeal ahead of […]

Lactation Oatmeal

Homemade Granola Bars, The Sequel

I’ve been working at the granola bars again.  This time, I went an entirely different route.  The last three times I made them (until I got them right), I went the peanut butter, nut, chocolate route.  And they were crispy and crunchy.  And delicious.  But as good as those were, I was itching to try […]

Homemade Granola Bars

You see lots of recipes out there for granola bars. Well, I do anyway. We eat a lot of granola bars around our house, so after seeing several simple recipes, I decided I would make some. The method is very simple, and you can basically flavor them up however you want. So I set off […]