Lactation Oatmeal

If you’ve done any research on foods that boost lactation, you’ve probably read that oatmeal is often recommended.  For this reason, I have oatmeal every day for breakfast!  I have a few things I add to it to make it extra “milky,” and I have quite the little system for preparing the oatmeal ahead of […]

Lactation Oatmeal

Salmon Loves Pesto

I’m always looking for new (read: easy) ways to cook fish.  Tim and I ate at a restaurant a while back – it was at least a year ago, but probably more – and I had salmon that had pesto stuffed in it.  I don’t remember anything else about the meal – not the side […]

Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon – 3 Ingredients!

I’ve talked before about how we try to eat fish on a regular basis.  This pretty much means tilapia and salmon.   Salmon has tons of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and vitamin D; however, you want to stick with wild salmon rather than farmed whenever possible, because farmed salmon may contain high levels of dioxins and […]